The odd framing of the Young People’s Convocation #GYPCLA


The Global Young People’s Convocation and Legislative Assembly (GYPCLA for you Methodist nerds) is an every-four-years gathering of young adults (clergy and laity) from United Methodist regions across the world. It was recently held last month in the Philippines during a hurricane. From reading stories and having conversations with folks who went, it seems to have been a […]

Young Clergy Exodus: Update 01


Last week I posted the first in a series of posts in the “Young Clergy Exodus” from the United Methodist Church. It was spurred by a 48 hour period in which I found out four young clergypersons were leaving ordained ministry. I’ve written about young clergy issues a lot, so needless to say I was […]

Young Clergy Exodus – Stories in the #UMC


I am a young clergyperson in the United Methodist Church. On April 18th 2013, I found out that FOUR of my young clergy friends in different areas were leaving ordained ministry. I could not stop the lament from tearing at my heart. They are a terrific loss to the church and to me personally. After […]

“Here, There Be Dragons” for Young Clergy


How to talk about justice while in the ordination processOn old-timey maps (the ones where the world was flat and you would fall off the edges), they would write hic sunt dracones in the unknown regions, literally “here be dragons.” This term denote dangerous or unexplored territories…places where the wise need not dwell. Places where […]