Jesus and the Nazi [art.hack]

An art.hack is the use of an artistic medium to show an alternative or contemporary understanding of the Christian message, often using dissonance.  Click here for a list of art.hacks. Blogger and Pastor Eugene Cho posted the picture up for discussion on his blog here. Thoughts?  What is evoked in you from this image? ::edit::  […]

The Matrix, The Architect, and God

The Matrix Trilogy is a Christian Hacker’s dream of nuanced meaning, theological dilemmas, and the sci-fi world of humanity v. machine.  It makes me sweat. In the Matrix Trilogy, the character of the Architect describes how the machines (who have taken over the world and enslaved humanity into a drea world) dealt with the variable […]

Where to find Jesus this Christmas

I collect urban images of Jesus.  I’ll post them during this holiday season off and on.  But here’s a new one for this season that won the marketing campaign in Britain: The painting is by Royal Academy Gold medal winner, Andrew Gadd. The oil painting is on canvas and depicts the holy family, with halos, […]

Modern Psalms of Lament [art.hack]

I just went and saw Antje Duvekot at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. Yes, it was at the vegetarian pizza place. Sigh. But she had a song that I particularly enjoyed, and thanks to the internet, you can enjoy it too. It’s called Pearls: It’s a modern-day psalm of lament…and the first recipient of the […]