A hermeneutic is a lens you use when reflecting on a subject. Here at HX, we often use a "hacking hermeneutic" when examining the Christian faith. Here's our writings using that lens (all posts tagged under "hacks"). [Click here to view other hacking categories]

Tornado Relief: Different stages need different donations

I saw floating around FB a link to a NewsOK article (autoplay video warning) that talked about how not 100% of donations to the American Red Cross are guaranteed to go to Oklahoma. And this is a problem. While there is a solution in that donations to UMCOR are 100% given to the victims, theRead More


The Creed is Freeing? [worship.hack]

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a church planter who does lots of missional church behind-the-scenes work: getting to know the community, the people, the needs, and the aspirations…and allowing those factors to dictate what the church looks like. And what she told me shocked me. She told me ofRead More