I’ve joined the Dark Side

Hipster Cred for the West Coast

If you’ve known me, you know I’ve avoided this day for my whole life…

poopooed on aficionados…

and kept on the bus that I was on since childhood.

And today, I went off that bus.

Here’s the picture showing that my tech life has changed course:

No, not the coffee. Or the flowers.

The Macbook Air. And it’s pretty excellent.

Any recommendations from people on their favorite blogging program for use with WordPress?

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  1. Ally says

    Nice… Yeah… I’ve hated Apple my entire life… mostly because I was a Commodore 64 child… But… I have an iPad 3… and I REALLY like it… to the point I don’t get on my laptops unless I REALLY have to… so yeah… think I may be saving up for one myself, even if I somewhat hate myself for it… (any suggestions on prepping myself for taking the plunge?)

  2. Kirk says

    Welcome! As an Apple ][e kid, I’ve always been partial to Apple computers. I recently went back to the desktop with one of the neat iMac models. I have an iPad2 for mobile and it does all i need on the road.

    For blogging I’ve just been using the web based interface. But I’m not a ‘pro blogger’ like yourself. On the iPad, I use the wordpress app and it’s pretty ok.

    Everyone I know with an Air loves it to bits. And I’m sure you’ve already done it but get Xcode installed and get on the geekside with it too.


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