Synchblog List for Lord I Love The Church #GC12book

The following blogs participated in the synchblog on ‘Lord I Love the Church and We Need Help’ by Virginia Bassford:

Any more? Add them to the comments below!

‘The Jesus Insurgency’ Synchblog, coming up next!

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  1. says

    Woo! The sync in the syncblog is catching up!

    Although I’m not entirely sure where the “distraction of stories” description is coming from. I’m mixed on Bassford’s book if only because while I think what she does is of significant value, it could have been done much better and with a great deal more attention to the diversity of her context in Texas.

    Also, Jesus Insurgency and Recovery of A Contagious Methodist Movement posts are up on my blog when you get around to syncing those! *grin*

    • says

      Yeah, I got that synchblog and post coming up tomorrow for the Jesus Insurgency (I loved it). So I’ll only be Lenten late on the Hunter book looks like.


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