Which #GC2012 book first?


I spent a little of my ‘continuing education’ budget on the short books for the General Conference delegates. Which should I start with first? Is there a recommended order?

I asked GBHEM, Abingdon, and Cokesbury, to no avail. So, your suggestions?

Also…anyone interested in a book study? We can do it over twitter or blog conversation. Comment below if you are in.

The list is here

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  1. Tom says

    I read _Contagious Christian_ first and then _Back to Zero_ because they were the only two I could get for my nook in January. Last night I finished _Focus_ and purchased _Jesus Insurgency_ since it just became available. It’s nice that they are all short.

    I’d start with
    _Focus_ Weems writing is clearer and I think he has clear reasoning. I’d like to hear you take on some of what he says. I have some disagreements with a couple of chapters, but who am I to argue with Dr. Weems? After reading it I had the feeling that I understood better why the Call to Action even exists. No one yet has given me a justification for keeping the District Superintendent structure though.

    _Back to Zero_ next – He focuses a lot on the concept of Citizenship and is what I’d call counter cultural. It’s a book that won’t matter in the long run.

    _Contagious Christian_ next is my favorite of all of them so far with “Faith is more caught than taught” as a theme. I like cheer leading books with an upbeat theme and we need someone with a positive attitude to keep us slogging through our daily life as pastors.



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