Social Media Milestone

1000 Followers on Twitter

1,000 followers on Twitter really means nothing in the real world but it’s nothing to shake a stick at either if you are trying to show to people that you are working hard at this church and social media thing.

Some info:

  • No followback programs or lists or fake follower ala Newt Gingrich. If you follow me and I resonate with your recent posts, I follow you back. That simple.
  • I passed the person who got me onto twitter (@blakehuggins) only a few weeks ago. Slow but steadily passed the master! (follow him too!)
  • I didn’t get as much of a bump from #explo2011 as I expected, even being on their official email lists and sending lots of tweets. Oh well. Guess that means (a) I’m uninteresting or (b) I’m already connected to that demographic, which…yeah, let’s hope for the latter
Thanks for following me on twitter and I hope to offer plenty more for the next 1,000 followers to read and reflect on.
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