Need a Ministry Focus for your Church?

United States of Shame

In my morning read, I happened across this map which seems ridiculous but is backed up by census data and health data. If you need a ministry focus or something to aspire to deal with, then apparently here is where your state is worst at:

Credits: Image from PleatedJeans (NSFW) via Bilerico.

While some of them are subjective (Nerdiest state? Ugliest state?), judgmental (what’s wrong with Mobile Homes?), or just plain weird (what’s up with Washington State? Dude!), if your state is the worst at something, then perhaps your church or ministry area has problems with it too.

May be worth thinking about…or passing by with a shake of your head! The choice is yours!

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  1. says

    I wish they’d count NYC as a separate state for this map. Commute times may be an issue downstate, but here in CNY we must be the worst at something else altogether. But I guess I should just be glad I’m not from North Dakota. Or Washington…

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