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Hello, an abridged version of my “What the Chuch can Learn from Wikipedia” series has appeared in the September 5th edition of the United Methodist Reporter.

To that end…welcome to the first-time readers!  Here’s some resources for you:

About the Blog

  • I’m a United Methodist pastor and I blog about ministry, technology, and internet-age group theory.  The “about” page is here:

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Important Note

  • I need to give credit where credit is due.  While I reference Clay Shirky’s book in the article and build on his work in original ways, the term “half-life of knowledge” is his.  While I turned it into the “half-life of discipleship” and feel confident that the rest of the article is acceptable, I wanted to ensure that Shirky got credit for that particular term.  Read his book, it is amazing:

Welcome to our visitors!  You can consider this an open thread, and comment on anything and anywhere here!

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