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Why is a Top 100 #UMC “recruiting” their new Senior Pastor?

One of the largest United Methodist churches is holding public meetings about their “recruitment” process to “select” a new pastor. Is this how the largest churches get their pastor in a connectional church that appoints pastors to everyone else of lesser size?

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When someone says “The Church is Behind Culture…”

When someone says that a church is behind culture, are they wanting a wishy-washy church that goes out with the tide? Not this pastor, whose quote to that effect yields a desire to know the “why” behind our beliefs, not just the letter of the law.


Has the #UMC abandoned Discipling Resources for the West & Northeast?

A quick analysis of the United Methodist Church’s book offerings for 2015 yields a huge gap between voices from the Bible Belt and voices from the mission fields of the West and the Northeast. Why do we focus our discipling efforts where church attendance is highest? Is this No Church Left Behind?