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Debunked: The West costs the #UMC too much

The West has been decried as the worst part of Methodism, not only because we are progressive, but because we cost too much. Unfortunately, that last accusation doesn’t hold water when the real numbers are examined.


Why do the largest #UMC’s not have female pastors?

Seriously: a VERY tiny number of women lead the UMC’s largest churches. Why is that? Why do we want female Bishops but not female megachurch pastors? What’s going on in the largest denomination in the world that affirms women in ministry?


The Only Two Avenues for Viable Change In This #UMC Chaos

With the plethora of proposals to change the United Methodist Church, which ones actually have a chance at success? Take a read on two criteria that I think will define the most viable options–and one criteria that will doom them all.