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The Nazarenes are running off their progressives. Is the #UMC next?

A guest post looking at the Church of the Nazarene’s expulsion of progressive ideas serves as a caution to the United Methodist Church. If we split or schism, the result may NOT be a more focused mission for both, but rather an empowered witchhunt to root out the next level of deviants on both sides.

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Achievement Unlocked! Confessing Movement should Ask not Tell

Achievement unlocked. I made the Confessing Movement’s periodic email. And not just mentioned–the first line! Ha! The Confessing Movement opposes LGBT inclusion in the United Methodist Church and thus it’s little wonder they probably fell out of their seat to spend an entire email attacking me. The rest of the email is a straw-man affiliatingRead More

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Why is a Top 100 #UMC “recruiting” their new Senior Pastor?

One of the largest United Methodist churches is holding public meetings about their “recruitment” process to “select” a new pastor. Is this how the largest churches get their pastor in a connectional church that appoints pastors to everyone else of lesser size?