Schism is a persistent topic in the United Methodist Church and this blog stands strongly opposed to institutional-level schism over LGBT inclusion. Here's our myriad of writings on the subject.

"Zip" Bronze Statue by Jason Johnston, Rhododendron, OR.

Methodism 2.0 – Better Together

2014 was the year that Methodism 2.0 was came to be a viable metaphor for the United Methodist Church. But what is the endgame and how can we sustain the movement together?


The Only Two Avenues for Viable Change In This #UMC Chaos

With the plethora of proposals to change the United Methodist Church, which ones actually have a chance at success? Take a read on two criteria that I think will define the most viable options–and one criteria that will doom them all.

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Sleight-of-Hand in a #UMC Unity Plan

An offered hand of an easy-to-achieve plan for unity catches the UMC’s attention, but the other hand has the potential to exit incredible amounts of money and churches from the UMC.