Schism is a persistent topic in the United Methodist Church and this blog stands strongly opposed to institutional-level schism over LGBT inclusion. Here's our myriad of writings on the subject.


The Only Two Avenues for Viable Change In This #UMC Chaos

With the plethora of proposals to change the United Methodist Church, which ones actually have a chance at success? Take a read on two criteria that I think will define the most viable options–and one criteria that will doom them all.

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Sleight-of-Hand in a #UMC Unity Plan

An offered hand of an easy-to-achieve plan for unity catches the UMC’s attention, but the other hand has the potential to exit incredible amounts of money and churches from the UMC.


The UMC is at its best when Brady and Ashland fight

In The West Wing, a team of rivals takes over the Supreme Court. As our church and society becomes more polarized, what value is there in keeping different voices together? Is the best church still found in contention?