Build the Network

How can groups of Christian hackers coordinate their efforts to effect real lasting change and expunge the self-serving crackers from the system?

I remember when a friend messaged me a link on Facebook and said “I think this is a bad.hack.” I almost fell out of my chair seeing my own terminology being used by someone else and realized that there are people out there who get what I’m trying to say. To that end, there must be some intent to connect with one another and share the journey.

Hacking Christianity attempts to accomplish this in obvious social-media ways:

  1. We participate in a variety of social media arenas. We have a Facebook page that invites discussion from opt-in conversation partners. People choose to read, comment, and discuss. No pressure, high potential.
  2. This blog is written by a public person with a real name and a real occupation. You can find Jeremy online easily and strike up a conversation via email or twitter or perhaps analog-world conversation.

Perhaps when all the barriers are broken, the source is opened for everyone, and a network of guardians and hackers is established, this blog’s work might be done. But until then, thanks for being on this journey.