Geeks are not Nerds and they are not Dorks. They have their own culture of attaining perfection and proficiency in a set number of subjects. Here's some writings about faith that are oriented towards geeks and the people that love them. [Click here to see other categories]

Order of Worship for #StarWars Sunday: May the Fourth Be With You

This coming Sunday is May the Fourth. Many congregations are unaware that it is a High Holy Sunday, with an ancient liturgy commemorating it as Star Wars Sunday: May the Fourth Be With You. I am sure that everyone wants to commemorate it. But I suspect that many congregations are lost in the woods of EndorRead More


Theology of Hell in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It’s helpful to see how Hell is depicted in popular media because it is often wrapped in moral lessons that apply whether you believe in Hell or not. And in this case, it’s awesome.