George Takei on the Starship Methodism


#startrek #umcIn an interview with Star Trek actor and LGBT advocate George Takei, he talks a lot about politics and Star Trek. Then at the very end he describes Star Trek in an amazing way that I think gives a parallel vision to one driving concern of this blog: United Methodist Church unity in the […]

Reply to Ted Campbell RE: #UMC Schism

Dr. Ted Campbell, professor at Perkins School of Theology, has penned a letter against schism in the United Methodist Church. While this blog has always opposed schism in the UMC–and you would think that I would like his letter–I actually find some faults in his analysis and I believe there are stronger claims to be […]

About that UMReporter Article…[response]


A Methodist Church United for our DaughtersIn the November 2nd edition of the United Methodist Reporter (a national publication of the United Methodist Church with editorial independence) published an article “A Methodist Church United for our Daughters” by fellow Methoblogger Ben Gosden and myself. In it, Ben and I respond to Jack Jackson’s assertion that […]

From ‘Just War’ to ‘Just Sexuality’

Today, the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool used his presidential address to seek unity within the fractured Anglican Communion…he did so by way of making an interesting comparison. The Bishop talked about the theory of Just War, a Christian ethic that sought a way of making sense of military service and human casualties of war. The […]