Matthew 22: The King is NOT God.


Upside-down reading of the ScriptureThe lectionary text for this week is Matthew 22:1-14 (CEB/NRSV), the Parable of the Wedding Banquet. The temptation is to do an allegorical reading, meaning that each character represents a real-life person. The king as God, the king’s son as Jesus, and the unworthy subjects who kill the king’s messengers as […]

Was Zacchaeus Really That Bad?

From Children’s Books to the Real StoryI have a confession to make. I’ve been reading Zaccheus wrong my entire life. But it’s ok. There’s many more to blame. The story of Zaccheus in Luke 19 is about a dude who wants to see Jesus so he climbs up on a tree. Jesus says, “dude, I’d […]

Stephen Colbert, Thessalonians, and Lazy People

Stephen Colbert is a fake ideologue host, but he is also a sunday school teacher (in real life!)…and on occasion, it shows!  On tonight’s show (3/18/2010), he talked about Glenn Beck’s social justice miseducation, and interviewed a Catholic priest, holding his own on theological and biblical notions. Comedy and solid theology gold! But while interviewing […]

Original Sin or Original Grace?

We often point to the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3 as The Fall or The Original Sin which explains a level of theodicy: how a benevolent God would make us live in our own personal hells.  It goes like this: God made the world good and we screwed up.  God kicked us […]

The Slow End to Scripture Memory?

The following quote struck a chord in me (hat tip: Patrick Appel on Andrew Sullivan): I wonder whether our brains aren’t becoming less like indexes and more like librarians. The situation isn’t quite as Peter presents it: The key skill isn’t knowing where to find information. It’s knowing where to find where to find information. […]

John’s Gospel hating on the other Gospels?

Image by mtsofan via Flickr I read this during Lent and never got around to blogging about it until now.  Did you ever notice that the Gospel of John not only has different stories and takes on stories as the other three Synoptic Gospels…but it actually hates on them too (in a mean way)? Really. […]

The Green Bible [review]

There are probably two types of bibles: those that want to start a conversation, and those that want to add to the conversation. My previous review on the Bible Illuminated was obviously the former as the book tries to draw people in via unconventional forms and means.  This bible, The Green Bible, is probably part […]

The Bible Illuminated [review]

I can be bought.  In that, I mean that you are welcome to send me a copy of something of interest to me…then I’ll give my honest impressions.Such is the case with a new book The Bible Illuminated.  The media-rich bible project based out of Sweden has retained an American PR firm to do the […]

Two *Edgy* Bible Versions

Well, two relative newcomers to the ever-interesting world of bible versions.  These are pretty edgy, so don’t let small children see them or their image of Jesus will be forever…awesome. First, the Manga Bible is an bible styled after Anime.  Jesus with Super Saiyan powers, I’m excited! Since Manga is focused on action, then the […]