Break the Barriers

First Barrier: Hacking?

The first barrier this blog seeks to break is the popular conception of hacking = bad.

In the computer industry, Hackers come in two forms: those that build up better products and plug holes, or those that break down systems and wreck havoc.

Regardless of their intent, hackers find creative approaches and cut through whatever obstacle stands in their way from reaching their goal. Whether they are punching through an internet firewall or forcing a computer program to work despite its improperly-aligned code, hackers have a goal and will find whatever means to reach it.

Hacking is amoral. It is a tool that can be used for good or evil, for the benefit of populations or the exploitation of them. As Spiderman’s uncle said “with great power comes great responsibility” and those who choose to hack must keep their ends in tension with the means to achieve it.

Second Barrier: Christianity?

The second barrier this blog seeks to break is the unhealthy and close-minded conceptions of the Christian faith.

If the goal of the church is to offer the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, to invite them into the Kingdom of God, and to transform the world into the Kingdom here and now…sadly, we’re having some problems. In our current incarnation of Christianity, there’s plenty of human-made artificial barriers to God’s grace, aren’t there?

  • Denominations that keep women out of ministry, enter into partisan politics, and enforce rigid medieval-age atonement theories.
  • Churches that reject hospitality for the poor, immigrants, or sexual minorities.
  • Pastors who preach intolerance and embrace a “the ends justify the means” theology and praxis.
  • Every person’s own story of encountering obstacles to God’s grace echoes into eternity.

Something must be done.

The first stage is recognizing these barriers (internal and external). The second stage is to use hacking to streamline access to the source of Christianity for yourself and for others. It is this process that we turn to next.