1950s Bishop Oxnam warns us about Joel Osteen

Adapted from Creative Commons Share.

I’m always inspired by people speaking with prescience about their future–which could be our present. While the terms and situations are not always identical, I do think there’s something important about this conversation. Facebook friend of the blog Zach posted a video of an interview with Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, who was a fellow Boston […]

The Porpoise-Driven Life

For my Christmas List… “Just like Prosperity preaching, the Porpoise-driven life uses all kinds of bible translations to make you feel like it’s truly biblical…” (hat tip to Religion in American History) To find out more about opening Christian systems and other “hacks” visit Hacking Christianity or follow UMJeremy on Twitter

The Bible Triumphant

Methoblogger John Meunier posted a week or so ago the parallel between Joel Osteen‘s creed about the Bible…and the creed of the Marine Corps Rifleman (Get your Bible, Get your Rifle).  He didn’t know how to respond to it, so I’m offering to do so now! 😉 If you’ve ever watched Osteen on TV or […]

How Great I Am [video]

In honor of John’s “Prosperity Gospel Praise ” post, here’s another one of a similar vein: Songs for the MeChurch Hilariously biting satire. In case you missed John’s post, here’s Prosperity Gospel Praise: Personally, I’m waiting for the “Intimacy with Jesus” praise songs parody. Any takers (other than Southpark)? To find out more about opening Christian […]

The Prosperity Gospel owes me 700 billion dollars

Time Magazine has a feature article asking “Maybe We Should Blame God for the Subprime Mess?”  Blame God for not making dollars fall from the sky?  Well, not exactly…but they do ask if the Prosperity Gospel had something to do with it. While researching a book on black televangelism, says Jonathan Walton, a religion professor […]