10,080 minutes in the life of a pastor


How do you measure a week? In baptisms, in funerals, in justice, in cups of coffee? My apologies for my meter-minded friends who are cringing over the title… My friend Rev. Becca Clark and I got to participate in a “shadow pastors” project by the United Methodist Reporter. They wanted to know what an average […]

From #Pastors24 to #OurExamen

Last month 72 pastors and ministry workers participated in the Pastor’s 24 project. You can read more about it here. Basically it was a call for pastors to tweet about their ministry-related events during the day so people get an idea about what ministry really entails. One of the joys that has come from that […]

Pastor’s 24 Report #pastors24


72 Pastors sent 1050 Updates about their day72 Pastors sent 1050 Updates about their day Wow. That was fun. This project began as a simple question: what *do* pastors do on a random day of ministry? What if we could all tweet about our days and find out? What incredible diversity and little moments of […]

Today is Pastor’s 24 #pastors24


Follow pastoral tweets on TwitterToday is Pastor’s 24! Woohoo! Join in the project! What is it? This is an educational effort by various pastors and ministry professionals to give people a glimpse into what we do on a random non-Sunday day. See original article here. Pastors will update their twitter feeds with the hashtag #pastors24 whenever […]

2 Days left until Pastor’s 24!


Hello folks, Got a pretty decent response to the Pastor’s 24 project! We are twittering everything that happens in a random non-Sunday workday of a pastor. We were inspired by a police station that did the same thing in a 24 hour period to expose what breadth of issues they deal with. We strongly suspect […]

Pastor’s 24 hours Twitter project #pastors24


What is your ministry day like?UPDATE: This project took place on October 27th, 2010. Read the Report here! Original Article: A police station in the UK recently tweeted every single call and dispatch in a 24 hour period. The Greater Manchester Police Force between 5am on Thursday October 14 and 5am Friday October 15  dealt with 3,205 incidents and […]