Who do Bishops Think They Are? #UMC


While the joke is that at General Conference the Bishops are called “potted plants” as they sit silently set-apart from the rest of Conference, at least one bishop last year didn’t stay in the garden. At General Conference 2012, one of the monitors was sitting in a committee and witnessed an extraordinary sight. A bishop […]

A Church Divided, GC2012 LGBT Debate [video]

GC2012 Resolution

“A Church Divided” is a professional and well-made PBS video made by San Francisco’s KQED and their Division for Investigative Reporting. From their website: Is homosexuality compatible with Christianity? This question is debated fiercely in A Church Divided, a television documentary narrated by Peter Coyote and hosted by Scott Shafer. It follows California delegates to the […]

Response: Scott Campbell – PlanUMC was Unconstitutional


HackingChristianity hosts exchange of responses to Judicial Council SmackdownMoments after PlanUMC passed on the floor of General Conference 2012, Rev. Wm. Scott Campbell was recognized and called for a declaratory decision by the Judicial Council on its constitutionality.  The motion passed easily. A few days later, the Judicial Council issued Decision 1210 which voided the […]

Essay: Lonnie Brooks – PlanUMC was Constitutional


HackingChristianity hosts exchange of responses to Judicial Council SmackdownShort background: PlanUMC passed on the floor of General Conference 2012. It was immediatly referred to the Judicial Council (the court for the UMC). A few days later, the Judicial Council issued Decision 1210 which voided the PlanUMC as unconstitutional. Boom! Ever since then, there’s been some accusations that the […]

Plan UMC Fails, Pass the Agency Petitions!

General Conference Update! We still have an opportunity for reform. Each of the General agencies put out restructuring plans. That can be found in the ACDA section under General Agencies. Each one of the General Agencies submitted their own restructuring plan (except GBCS) that tightened their focus and cut down on their board members. These […]

Leaving Tampa #GC2012


I’m presently sitting in the airport.  Distraught. Shoulda stayed. I should have stayed at General Conference. I can see the Convention center from my waiting area window and know people there are fighting for their lives, to be seen as more than their sexual selves, to be women and in charge of their bodies, to […]

PlanUMC: Process or Product? #GC2012


Better than the Devil We Know?A recap for those of us just tuning in: The General Conference of the United Methodist Church is in session and considering a major restructure plan. No, not that one. And no, not that one. Another one. How We Got Here On Saturday night, the Committee tasked with this Restructure […]

Synchblog List for Lord I Love The Church #GC12book


The following blogs participated in the synchblog on ‘Lord I Love the Church and We Need Help’ by Virginia Bassford: Jim writes about Saying Too Little on Epistle of Jim. Kirk writes about the distraction of stories on Signs Unseen. Jeremy writes about Trust, Relationship and Non-Engagement on Hacking Christianity. Any more? Add them to the comments below! ‘The Jesus […]