How to Join the Exploration 2011 Tweetup #explo11

For those who followed and read the Exploration 2011 blog posts I ran back in…2011, there’s a tweet-up on April 11th with the participants to find out how their lives have changed after this great event. We hope to share many stories via twitter tag #explo11 and the conversations will be super-easy to follow. Here’s […]

#Explo2011 Punching Holes in the Darkness


On the first night of Exploration 2011, Adam Hamilton used a fascinating illustration from Rev. Kyles, a preacher who was standing close to MLK Jr. when he was assassinated. It interested me so I Googled and couldn’t find Stevenson’s original words. But I found the NPR piece that Hamilton heard it from and it has Rev. […]

#Explo2011.Photo – Conference Hosts


I like this photo of our two Explo2011 hosts. These two have been the public face as they hosted the conference and gave us lots o’ information. I really enjoyed this candid shot of them both as they assumed their default positions before going on the altar. On the left is Rev. Juan Huertas, an Elder in […]

#Explo2011.Blocks – Allowing Uncertainty


The best thing about life in the Spirit is that it is not scripted. Consider the passage for this morning from Acts 16: Paul and Timothy are STOKED, they are ready to engage Asia, to tell the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them and what? The Spirit prohibits them? What? That doesn’t make a lick […]

#Explo2011 Blog Takeover this Weekend

This weekend, I’m a Workshop Leader at Exploration 2011, a biannual event hosted by the United Methodist Church for young persons discerning a call into ministry. My workshop is for adult chaperones and young adult ministry workers. There’s 75 people signed up for it. Here’s the description: Maintaining Relationships with Young Adults Come learn about […]

Passion, Possibility, and Shoeless People #explo2011

Exploration 2011 Day of Blogging and Prayer Exploration 2011 is a United Methodist program for young people who are interested in Ministry. It’s also where you meet shoeless people. I went to Exploration 1999 in California when I was a freshman in college. One of the presenters came up to the pulpit holding up his […]