In our pluralistic world, one of the efforts of atheist/freethinking people is to advertise on buses and billboards. It is then a test for how the religious communities respond.  Do they respond with hostility and incredulity at the “offensive” billboards? Or do they respond with grace and hospitality to the efforts of one group among […]

Fragmented Media = Fragmented Church

On a morning errand, I had NPR on and heard a story about the fragmentation of the media and how it fragments culture.  Since HX was founded on examining the Echo Chamber, of how we self-select our own media, communities, and world in order to avoid dissonance, it was very interesting: Over the past decade, […]

The Diversity Culture [review]

It is unfortunate when I pick up a book that looks interesting and realize it is totally not written with me in mind.  The Diversity Culture by Matthew Raley is that kind of book which is written to evangelicals who find themselves increasingly feeling isolated and incommunicable to the diversity of contemporary society.  Given that (a) […]

Ask HX: Are Hacks like Trojan Horses?

In an email conversation, a reader pointed me towards Mark Batterson, who writes about technology being a trojan horse that allows the Gospel to reach new people and get past their defenses that cause people to run and scream when anything “religious” comes their way.  From Mark: Here’s a thought: technology is a Trojan Horse. […]

Google and the Echo Chamber

As readers here at HX know, the Echo Chamber is the box we build for ourselves in our customizable world where we watch news shows or read internet sites where the “angle” of the writing agrees with us.  We are reinforcing our ideologies by reading websites that speak to those ideologies.  Why is this a […]

Why Connectionalism Matters

There are essentially two types of church denominational systems: connectionalism and congregationalism. In connectional systems (United Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Catholic, etc): pastors are assigned to churches churches are accountable to meta-church agencies and boards church buildings and property are owned by the meta-church (the denomination) and held in trust by the local congregation. In congregational […]