Is the Church too big to fail?

Oklahoma clergy have been assigned to read “Restoring Methodism” by Drs. Molly & James Scott in preparation for a retreat with them in late September. Given that I was previously from a different area of the country, I happen to have attended the Scotts’ seminar before and am familiar with their arguments and recommendations. In re-reading […]

Are We to Fill the Pews or Empty Them?

I love it when two divergent views appear on my radar within seconds of each other. Earlier this week Bishop Will Willimon posted an article that equated clergy effectiveness with numerical growth. He was pushing-back against clergy who protest the emphasis on numerical growth in conference reports about church effectiveness, as well as providing support […]

Evangelism Explained by Star Wars

This post is another attempt to parallel Christian themes with Science Fiction themes for hopefully relevant conversation among nerds. Star Wars is coming out with another MMO game in the near future…I might need a bib to catch the drool. But more interesting than the actual game is how it deals with the tension between […]

Dream Data: Membership Maps & Emmaus

Ever have those massive projects that you wish you could undertake?  Like take a few months off work and family and be able to really tackle an issue, crunch the data….with the knowledge and enthusiasm to accomplish it?  With the world’s ever-increasing desire for good data amidst the tumult, I find myself wishing someone could […]

Wal-mart Churches [gateway]

Looking through my Google Reader, I’ve noticed a spike in stories on multi-site churches, or churches that open new campuses operated by the originating church.  They are not a new phenomenon, but have taken on a new form in recent years as the internet allows one pastor to be several places at once via telecast. […]

Amateurs in the Institutional Church 1of2

I know that blog posts about the Church and online media/phenomenon don’t get many replies here, but I post them anyways because that’s an area I’m interested in. So here’s Internet theorist Clay Shirky (remember him from the What the Church can Learn from Wikipedia series?) talking about the the effect of amateurization and what […]

Franchise Churches; Disenfranchised Christians

A few months back, to much fanfare, launched a free video teaching website which could beam preachers and teachers’ videos directly into your living room to be digested alone or with a small group.  The expressed purposes of the website were fourfold but one in particular stood out to me: Develop your ministry.You might […]

The Church as Shakespeare…ORLY?

Last week the English language surpassed 1 million words.  While we want to blame the internet, the 1 millionth word was “web 2.0″…which is pretty old term in internet-speak.  I suspect the 2 millionth word will come much quicker.  In a column in the Tulsa World on June 21st, Michael Overall writes that we now […]