No Large Southern Church Left Behind #CallToAction


The Hegemony of the #UMC Southern JurisdictionsIn Virginia Bassford’s book (which is recommended reading for General Conference) she states: Hegemony…is the perspective of the dominant culture, race, or group, as if it were the only perspective–everyone else needs to get on board. Hegemony is blind to the notion that we–you and I, perhaps most especially […]

Blowback: Lamenting an Open-Source #CallToAction


Computer Programming, Boston University, and The United Methodist ChurchThe best term to describe the Call To Action right now is, in a word, blowback. There’s tons of organized opposition to some of the plan’s particulars right up to the entire thing itself. Pretty epic. The church hasn’t seen anything like this before. Heck, I’m closing […]

#UMC Bishops Question #CallToAction Governance


Representation is more important than saving moneyDuring the first week of February, a group of Western Jurisdiction Bishops, clergy leaders, and laity on episcopal and jurisdictional committees gathered together to talk about the Call To Action with members of the ethnic caucus groups. They wrote a succinct letter that outlines their major difficulties in a […]

#CallToAction enters Spin City


Troubling claims on umvitalcongregations.orgBefore Reading: While and other outlets seem to deem this article as sensational because it challenges a Bishop’s words, the real conflict isn’t between the Bishop and I. We don’t know each other and surely we both want the other to succeed in effective ministries. Rather, the conflict is how to […]

Where are Young Adult Voices in the #CallToAction?


#UMC Restructure lacks young adult legislative voicesOne of the recommendations from the Call To Action is the re-distribution of funds to young adults (those under 35 years old), $5million dollars of the first amount of money saved to go to them. That’s a great gesture and will certainly be put to good use. It makes me […]

Do #GC2012 Delegation Endorsements Violate ‘Holy Conferencing’? #UMC


Delegates not RepresentativesGuiding Question: “If delegates are charged to go to General Conference to confer (Holy Conferencing) with one another about what is best for the life and ministry of the United Methodist Church; how can they be signing statements taking a position before they have been involved in the process of conferring (Holy Conferencing) […]

Lost Values of the #CallToAction 02: Togetherness


Re-forming the Reform, Re-aligning the Realignment Part 01: Lost Value of Humility Part 02: Lost Value of Togetherness As we said in our last blog post, we are a little under 100 days from the beginning of General Conference 2012, some would say one of the most important GCs in the past two decades. Why? […]

Lost Values of the #CallToAction 01: Humility


Re-forming the Reform, Re-aligning the Realignment Part 01: Lost Value of Humility Part 02: Lost Value of Togetherness We are a little over 100 days until the Opening Session of General Conference 2012 where the United Methodist Church will consider one of the biggest re-organization plans in recent memory called the Call To Action. It’s no secret […]

#CallToAction Roundup for Concerned UMC Folks


Topical Index of HackingChristianity WritingsIt’s been a big week for the Call To Action, the biggest administrative shift in the United Methodist Church since unification…or ever as the UMC didn’t exist prior to unification. You know what I mean. The Bishops at their regular meeting endorsed the changes by the Call To Action in its […]

More Equitable #CallToAction Alternative Proposed

UMC Gauntlet thrown down and called outOh snap! Attached is a press release from a caucus coalition that has offered a faithful alternative to the business-based reorganization proposed by the Call To Action. I think it is important and addresses some concerns that Hacking Christianity has examined before. For example, we were concerned about appeals to […]