The Dearth of Theological eBooks

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Book scanning to fill the void?For Christmas, I got a Kindle from my partner. Rationale: I have an iPhone but realized that I couldn’t read eBooks on it very effectively. I like to see the entire paragraph when I’m reading and iPhone screens are not conducive to that habit. The iPad was too expensive, so […]

The Church Has Won

A review of new research on youth spirituality has me rethink the gloom and doom of the mainline Protestant Church. The Christian Century has a review of Souls in Transition: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults that includes this nugget (h/t Nathan on Facebook): Drawing on sociologist N. Jay Demerath’s thesis that “liberal Protestantism’s […]

SBL Books & FAIL book

So, for those of you that read my twitter and facebook statuses, you know I recently got into the Society of Biblical Literature‘s annual event in Boston by playing the “local clergy” card….which was fun.  Yes, I might have roped in Blake into the escapade, but I’m not saying either way. Anywho, I got $200 […]

Followup on Progressive Books

Following up on the previous post on Progressive Books, Daily-Kos-affiliated blog Streetprophets has these additions to the list. Here’s the list. The Hidden Teachings of Jesus: The Political Meaning of the Kingdom of God Jesus: A New Vision God and Other Famous Liberals Stealing Jesus: How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity Jesus Was a Liberal: How the […]

Top 10 Progressive Christian Books [books]

Godweb has a listing of their top 10 progressive Christian books. [begin alltel guy] Are they in your fave five?[/annoying alltell guy] God’s Troublemakers: How Progressive Women of Faith Are Changing the World Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: the Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith The Battle For God The Human […]