Open Source means that there are no restrictions on its use and that the "back end" is visible and editable by the end user. Here's our writings on this subject.

Making the Best of Free Christian Content

There’s a ton of free Christian content online–but not all of it is good, or helpful to all theological persuasions. How do you find the wheat amongst the chaff?


Blowback: Lamenting an Open-Source #CallToAction

The best term to describe the Call To Action right now is, in a word, blowback. There’s tons of organized opposition to some of the plan’s particulars right up to the entire thing itself. Pretty epic. The church hasn’t seen anything like this before. Heck, I’m closing in on 20 blog posts on the CallRead More

Methodists Hacking the Liturgy

Someone at the GBOD must be reading Hacking Christianity…or at least sipping from the same water fountain.  Looks like a team of UMs are putting together an Open Source Liturgy project…and I’m psyched!  They based the model off of LINUX!! Open Source Liturgy Project We’re now in the process of inviting developers to a writersRead More