Theology is reflections upon God and God's relationship with humans and the world. Here's our topics on the subject.
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What will a Minority White God look like?

As white culture becomes less of a majority culture, what changes to theology will take place, and how reasonable will people’s acceptance of those changes be? And how will we get to the other side in one piece?

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Apple and Microsoft Have Failed Us

Both Apple and Microsoft have huge cash reserves that could be leveraged for social good. But is it their means or ends that we are concerned with, and how can we strike that balance in our own organizations?


#UMC resources about #Ferguson for churches

There’s several official resources out that offer some content and starters for clergy and congregations who are choosing to preach or teach or organize on an upcoming Sunday on the topic of Ferguson and the killing of Mike Brown. First, the General Board of Discipleship has released a document “Preaching about the Shooting of Michael Brown” that offersRead More