Wikipedia Won. The Church Can Too.

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It took only 13 years for the word “encyclopedia” to mean “Wikipedia” and the values of Wikipedia (openness and equality) to become the values of the entire Internet itself. Can it take only 13 years for the word “Church” to no longer refer to places of exclusion and harm, but instead refer to people of inclusion and grace?

What the Church can Learn from Wikipedia…still!


Questions without Answers or Answers without Questions?One of the first pieces that Hacking Christianity had syndicated on United Methodist Reporter was our series on “What the Church can Learn from Wikipedia” back in May 2008 (OMGoodness the blog is FOUR YEARS OLD). In those four posts, we talked about what would happen if the church […]

Is "Good Enough" the Future of Ministry?

Quick hit: we talked before about rough “unfinished” forms of ministry being allowed to take root in “What the Church can Learn from Wikipedia.” Per the article below, it seems the same concept is taking place in technology as fast flexible programs are replacing high-tech ones simply due to it being “good enough” to get […]

Wikipedia and the Essenes

Matt Shafer over at Twice Infinity (the blog was recently accepted into CCBlogs, which I am jealous of because my blog was not “serious” enough for inclusion), pointed me a month back to this story of a Wikipedia article that reported a false fact, a paper reported it, and then Wikipedia referenced the paper as […]

Church[beta] version .61a [working title]

A month or so ago at Gizmodo, a tech/nerd site (you BET I’m a reader!), one of the editors ranted against beta culture: the tendency of manufacturers of software/hardware to put out unfinished products which will then be “fixed” by software updates and such. I’m tired of this. This sense of permanent discomfort with the technology […]

Welcome UM Reporter readers!

Hello, an abridged version of my “What the Chuch can Learn from Wikipedia” series has appeared in the September 5th edition of the United Methodist Reporter. What United Methodists Can Learn from Wikipedia To that end…welcome to the first-time readers!  Here’s some resources for you: About the Blog I’m a United Methodist pastor and I […]

Wiki Sermon…Excellent, Smithers!

Rob Brink over at Emergent Village has something right in line with concepts: a grassroots wiki-like sermon written by the blogosphere. It takes a top-down medium and makes it bottom-up…I like it! Read Rob’s original blog post (hat tip to Edit the Sermon (we are crafting the purpose right now) We’ve got a […]