A Church Divided, GC2012 LGBT Debate [video]

GC2012 Resolution

“A Church Divided” is a professional and well-made PBS video made by San Francisco’s KQED and their Division for Investigative Reporting. From their website: Is homosexuality compatible with Christianity? This question is debated fiercely in A Church Divided, a television documentary narrated by Peter Coyote and hosted by Scott Shafer. It follows California delegates to the […]

The United Methodist Ordination Process [Video]

XTRANORMAL videoThis video on the United Methodist Ordination Process was yanked from the internets a while back due to the author’s feeling it was cynical. The author then found out that clergy and the bureaucracy had used the video in conversation…and the author reposted it (h/t UM Preacher’s Network)! Here it is in all its […]

The Gutenberg and the Google World

Generational Clash in the ChurchFrom my day with Leonard Sweet that I blogged about last week, one of his base concepts is that the language of the church is changing. He calls the shift the most important since Gutenberg created the printing press and that indeed the times we are in require a shift in […]

I could sing of your love on Sundays [video]

Praise and Wrongly-Directed Worship SongsIt’s no secret to readers of this blog and my clergy colleagues that I really don’t like contemporary praise and worship music. But I do appreciate self-deprecating humor and ones that point out the tendency of praise music to praise one’s self or become performance rather than praise. So here’s a video for […]

Hacking The Rapture [video]

Rollins parable set to mediaPeter Rollins writes deeply philosophical books and also books of parables. He has put one of the latter to a video. It’s one of my favorites of his parables because it twists on its head (hacks) the entire concept behind the Rapture, a non-biblical belief that God will call up to heaven all the […]

Christ of Culture [video]

Nascar PrayerTalladega Nights barely has this one beat. But only barely. This is Dave Travis exhibiting what Niebuhr would call “Christ of Culture” where Christ takes on the form of the culture around him…which in this case is Nascar. (video link) He’s not lying in his ghost manger (some language in that video link) watching Baby […]

First-World Problems Rap [video]

TOTALLY using this with my youth group. Let’s not forget how privileged we are. And how much we complain about little things. (h/t Scott on Facebook)   Link: First World Problems Rap on Youtube

Calvinists confuse God with Megatron

Theologically Humorous VideoThis video starts with text-only but at the 2 minute mark they start their conversation. In a humorous way, it talks about the folly of limited atonement and how Calvinism adds to the biblical texts their own theological conclusions that are not scripturally supported. (via Chad Holtz) The next to last line is […]