Where do we go from here? #Explo13


At the morning worship on Saturday at Exploration 2013, a discernment event for young adults considering ordained ministry, we heard from Rev. Dr. Beth La Rocca-Pitts. She spoke about how her journey from Catholicism to Methodism was heavy impacted by how the church gave theological meaning to her developmentally-disabled sibling, many gay friends, and ultimately her sense […]

Love to Stay, by Adam Hamilton [review] #UMC

UPDATE: As of this posting, there’s a free ebook of “selections” from Love to Stay for you to read. Click here and make sure it says “free” when you check out.  Love to Stay is the latest book by Rev. Adam Hamilton, pastor of Church of the Resurrection, which is the largest United Methodist Church […]

Long Live the Zombie Church? #CallToAction


One of my friends sat in the General Administration committee this past week, which is the committee responsible for the bulk of the Call To Action legislation (the global church restructuring). He emailed out his reflections that I’m posting below with permission. This is from a young clergyperson in the North Central Jurisdiction. ======== I […]

#Explo2011 Punching Holes in the Darkness


On the first night of Exploration 2011, Adam Hamilton used a fascinating illustration from Rev. Kyles, a preacher who was standing close to MLK Jr. when he was assassinated. It interested me so I Googled and couldn’t find Stevenson’s original words. But I found the NPR piece that Hamilton heard it from and it has Rev. […]

#Explo2011.Photo – Conference Hosts


I like this photo of our two Explo2011 hosts. These two have been the public face as they hosted the conference and gave us lots o’ information. I really enjoyed this candid shot of them both as they assumed their default positions before going on the altar. On the left is Rev. Juan Huertas, an Elder in […]

#Explo2011.Blocks – Allowing Uncertainty


The best thing about life in the Spirit is that it is not scripted. Consider the passage for this morning from Acts 16: Paul and Timothy are STOKED, they are ready to engage Asia, to tell the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them and what? The Spirit prohibits them? What? That doesn’t make a lick […]