#UMC resources about #Ferguson for churches


There’s several official resources out that offer some content and starters for clergy and congregations who are choosing to preach or teach or organize on an upcoming Sunday on the topic of Ferguson and the killing of Mike Brown. First, the General Board of Discipleship has released a document “Preaching about the Shooting of Michael Brown” that offers […]

Breath Prayer for Social Justice

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I’m not an introvert. I’m an extreme extrovert (top-of-the-charts ENFP on the Myers-Briggs) and thus I have a constant trouble with spiritual practices which are mostly geared towards contemplative extroverts. Silent prayers, quiet study, and TAG time (Time Along w/God) are helpful correctives to my tendencies but they don’t speak to my particular perspective. I struggle with […]

The Good Samaritan is Not-So-Good about Justice


In high school I took a semester of Economics (almost went down that career path too–I loved the “systems theory” part of that class and obviously I continue to use systems theory today). In the class, we studied some social issues from economic perspectives, using our principles learned in real-world applications. I’ll never forget the […]