Jesus was Black because he was a Jew


There’s been plenty of responses to the ridiculous assertion by Fox News that “Jesus was White.” But none of them go far enough. And if we wanted to go the furthest from the statement “Jesus was white” there’s nowhere else to go but to Dr. James Cone. The following is an extended quote from James […]

Pope Francis embraces Anonymous Christians


Everyone is just *shocked* that Pope Francis has said that non-Christians and Christians may end up in the same place in the grand scheme of things. I heard the news and yawned and said “Oh, Karl Rahner is in the news…” Karl Rahner was one of the greatest minds in the Roman Catholic Church. His […]

Primer on Atonement Theories


For my Sunday School class, I have created the below graphic to help them understand what atonement means and the varieties of understandings of what it took for humanity to be reconciled to God. Here’s the lesson:   The word atonement comes from sixteenth-century English and literally means at-one-ment. Atonement is the process of reconciliation between […]

Why Christmas, not Easter, Should be about the Atonement

Atonement from Jesus’ Life, Not His Death What happened on the Cross?  Before that…why are you asking at Christmas? We’re talking about baby Jesus not Jesus on the Cross! Weirdo!! The following is an attempt to offer a middle ground between blood atonement (Jesus’ death atoned for our sins) and exemplary atonement (Jesus’ life atoned […]

2012 for Vendetta: The Story is Bulletproof


‘V for Vendetta’ and HopeForgive me blogosphere for I have sinned. It’s a new year and this blog has gone through its longest posting drought ever: 22 days since my last post. Wowzers. I’ve got too many fingers in too many digital pots and for some reason, December is busy for clergy. Oh well, glad to […]

The Vulnerable Christ


Bible Study: Matthew 16, Mark 8We often think of the person of Jesus Christ and his mission as being unwavering: single-minded to the task set before Christ by God. But at least twice in the Gospels, it appears that Jesus is vulnerable to human actions affecting his own personal dedication to the mission. In the […]

Was Jesus a Martyr? [open conversation]

These days we’re doing a chapter-by-chapter discussion of Gonzalez’s Church History books…what I thought was boring in Seminary makes for lively conversation in the church!  So the conversation came up about the early Christian martyrs and trying to define what ‘martyr’ meant.  We waffled between two definitions: Someone who dies for a cause  *OR* Someone […]

The Incarnation in a Virtual World?

Part of Hacking Christianity’s mission is to examine Christian symbols and find parallels to contemporary culture. To that end, consider what you can do in Cyberspace these days: You can create a virtual character in World of Warcraft and spend years perfecting her. This isn’t your daddy’s SimCity, this is a way of life and […]