Computer Coding kept me in Ministry

learning to code

In 2002, I graduated college and worked a temp job for a year. Over that year, I was active discussing religion online. And at some point, I decided to start my own interfaith forum online where people of all faiths and no faith could talk together. It was my first real outreach to persons of […]

I’ve joined the Dark Side


Hipster Cred for the West CoastIf you’ve known me, you know I’ve avoided this day for my whole life… poopooed on aficionados… and kept on the bus that I was on since childhood. And today, I went off that bus. Here’s the picture showing that my tech life has changed course: No, not the coffee. […]

*Updated* Facebook How-To for Pastors Changing Churches

The More You Know

Three Options of what to do with online personas and pastoral movesLast year about this time, I wrote “Facebook How-To for Pastors Changing Churches“…and it generated a lot of conversation. Some pastors didn’t want to give up contacts with parishioners, others appreciated a helpful way to slowly detach from parishes without hurt feelings, and some […]

The Temptation of Church Analytics: Who Can Resist?


From Saddleback Sam to Target StatisticiansThere was a fascinating¬†article a few weeks back about the statistical research methods of Target. Essentially they analyze consumer buying habits to the minute detail so that they can almost predict when a person is going through a life transition (the article talks about the retailer making educated guesses at […]