Baptism FAILS: Drive-Thru Infant Baptisms [3of3]


This is a three-part series on Baptism. I declined to perform a baptism. That sounds like an incredible statement from a Christian pastor. Baptism is the key word in the Great Commission, to baptize all the nations. Baptism is the entry point into the kingdom of God. Baptism, according to some understandings, wipes clean original […]

Baptism FAILS: Preferring Believer Baptisms [2of3]


The unbreakable doctrine?This is a three-part series on Baptism. Two this week, the third next week. Ah, you knew it was coming right? Infant Baptism. The quintessential Ordination question in the Bible Belt is always “will you uphold and practice infant baptism?” to weed out the Baptists and those without a Wesleyan understanding of baptism […]

What the Church can Learn from Wikipedia…still!


Questions without Answers or Answers without Questions?One of the first pieces that Hacking Christianity had syndicated on United Methodist Reporter was our series on “What the Church can Learn from Wikipedia” back in May 2008 (OMGoodness the blog is FOUR YEARS OLD). In those four posts, we talked about what would happen if the church […]

What the Church can Learn from Apple [3of3]

Yesterday, Mac fanboys/girls across the globe stared at their twitters, facebooks, engadgets and newsfeeds waiting in breathless expectation for Apple to unveil their newest gizmo.  I will admit to being pumped as well waiting for the unveiling. Apple, of course, produces electronic equipment (computers, iPhone, iPods, accessories, software, and now the iPad); the church couldn’t […]

New Series: How to Hack the System

16 months ago we started a new project together: a blog talking about Christianity from a computer and religion nerd’s perspective.  We called it “Hacking Christianity” and have been tinkering with various Christian systems ever since. But amidst all the star wars posts and humorous videos, on occasion one may look at the blog entries […]

Progressive Church: Radical or Rational? [3of4]

This is part three of four parts on Rational/Radical Progressive Churches. Read the whole series for the background! Continuing our conversation on the two different sides of Nate Silver’s Progressive chart, there’s one element that, by the label, differentiates Rational and Radical progressives: rationality. By naming one group “rational,” Nate automatically places the the radical […]

Progressive Church: Radical or Rational? [2of4]

If you remember from yesterday’s post, Nate Silver of 538 differentiated between two kinds of progressives. Check out the graph here, then come back.  ((waits)) Welcome back!  So, as you can see, there’s two broad paintbrush strokes of progressivism divided into rationals who strive toward incremental change and radicals who strive toward significant upheavals. We […]

Progressive Churches: Rational or Radical? [1of4]

A few days ago, wicked smart guy Nate Silver on 538 (a statistics and polling site for the 2008 election) has wandered into philosophy as he distinguishes between two different forms of progressivism: rational progressives who favor incremental change through reform, and radical progressives who favor the swifter change of revolution.  Check it out: While […]

What the Church can Learn from Apple [2of4]

Image via CrunchBase, source unknownThis is a four-part series on “What the Church can Learn from Apple (the computer and media company).”  Read the whole series here.  We talked last week about the Apple brand and the “branding” of its products.  This week we are going to talk about their focus on simplicity and lifestyle […]