There’s a Woman…in the Pulpit?? [review]


Holy Humor and Horror Stories Let’s be honest…religious professionals deal with a whole lot of crazy: parishioners, denominational expectations, and our own lives. And when you add onto that list the different ways that women in ministry are treated and experience ministry, then we should be high-fiving every woman in ministry because they have to […]

The Ragamuffin Bible [review]


Note: From time to time, publishers or authors will send me free books in exchange for a review on this blog. I accept a small percentage of the offers, and my reviews are always my honest assessment, not a paid advertisement. You can see previous reviews here.  The Ragamuffin Bible is an NIV Bible interspersed […]

Love to Stay, by Adam Hamilton [review] #UMC

UPDATE: As of this posting, there’s a free ebook of “selections” from Love to Stay for you to read. Click here and make sure it says “free” when you check out.  Love to Stay is the latest book by Rev. Adam Hamilton, pastor of Church of the Resurrection, which is the largest United Methodist Church […]

Keeping the Faith in Seminary


Contributed article on Star Wars and SeminaryThanks to this blog, I’m now published in two anthologies. The first was “The Legend of Zelda and Theology” last fall. And now the second is in “Keeping the Faith in Seminary” edited by Ellen Roscher.  It would be a great book for the soon-to-be seminarian who is in […]

Official UMC iPhone App [review]

iPhone App

As you recall, a few months back we polled our readership for features for a United Methodist iPhone app. It was ludicrous that it’s 2011 and there’s no official UMC app for one of the places where people’s eyes are the most: the iPhone. Ludicrous. Luckily, that’s been changed. There’s now an official UMC App […]

If Darwin Prayed, Bruce Sanguin [review]


#SpeakEasyDarwinPrayerDisclaimer: I received this book free via Mike Morrell and the viralbloggers network. I’m happy to review materials with the only stipulation that I am able to write my own opinions. So I can be bought…but what you buy may not be what you expected! Ha! Darwin and the Church was a topic recently on UMNS. A […]

Stories that Feed Your Soul [review]


Storytime with Uncle TonyNote: I received this book for free from the Viralbloggers network. As usual, while I’m happy to review relevant material, I do so without any restriction on what I write. Enjoy!   If you are a preacher or devotional leader, Stories that Feed Your Soul by Tony Campolo is a great book.  It […]

Economy of Love video curriculum [review]

This is a book review as part of being an Ooze select blogger. As always, while reviews can be bought, the content is my own honest opinion! Usually I put together a long review for subjects that I’m passionate about: peace and justice are often those topics. However, the Economy of Love video curriculum is […]

Stuff Christians Like [review]

I almost swerved off the road several times yesterday. Not for imbibing or DWS (Driving Whilst Shaving) or DWSML (…My Legs) but because I was listening to an audiobook of Stuff Christians Like.  Jonathan Acuff is a blogger on the popular and the man is just hilarious. The tagline “100% funnier than The Shack” is […]