How to Worship [humor][video]

This is perfect. Hope you follow these simple steps for worship on Sunday.  (h/t Jonathon Brink’s twitter) To find out more about opening Christian systems and other “hacks” visit Hacking Christianity or follow UMJeremy on Twitter

Thank You Atheist Animal-Lovers!

I’ve been sick with worry that even though we are in the last days before the Rapture and the Tribulation…well, honestly, my cats haven’t confessed Christ and seem to be unable to do so…so who will care for them when I’m uplifted? I’ve worried for a while about their needs and the lack of food…even […]

How Great I Am [video]

In honor of John’s “Prosperity Gospel Praise ” post, here’s another one of a similar vein: Songs for the MeChurch Hilariously biting satire. In case you missed John’s post, here’s Prosperity Gospel Praise: Personally, I’m waiting for the “Intimacy with Jesus” praise songs parody. Any takers (other than Southpark)? To find out more about opening Christian […]

Chess-Boxing: Best Sport Ever?

Image via WikipediaThere’s something balanced about Chess-Boxing.  Yin and Yang.  Smarts and Brute Force.  Delicate finger movements and hard punches.  Nerds and Testosterone. Check out how it works: The matches work like this: competitors alternate between three-minute rounds of boxing and four-minute rounds of speed chess with one-minute breaks in between to get the gloves […]

Mission Holiness Rankings of UMC Seminaries

John and Andrew have both noticed that Claremont School of Theology has a new mission statement that they both have difficulties with: there is no mention of Jesus Christ or God or the UMC in it. That makes me fuming angry! (HULK SMASH)As a United Methodist Institution, should not our schools reflect the mission of […]