Communion on Easter

Quick Poll: Will your church celebrate Communion on Easter? Why? Communion Sundays are more logistically challenging than other Sundays, and thus combining Easter with Communion Sunday (since it is on the first of the month) adds a another layer of considerations. I’m curious how other churches are handling it and why. If you can’t view […]

Humanity: Ambitious or Viral?

You tell me: From Agent Smith in the 1999 movie The Matrix: I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had, during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you aren’t actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with […]

Cringe-Inducing Church Stories [open thread]

Anyone got any cringe-inducing church stories?  You know what I mean.  Those times that you’ve seen or been told by a good friend of when Christians get it so….awkwardly….wrong? Here’s my two (one heard today, the other from the past) A family was sitting in a pew together during service.  A child was playing with […]

Church Committees are Bodies not Machines

While thoroughly enjoying Kester Brewin’s Signs of Emergence, I hit on a passage that I’d really really like to implement: We must reestablish ourselves as the body of Christ, not the machine of Christ.  Bodies are organic, dynamic, sentient, and conscious.  They have hearts.  Machines break down, while bodies evolve.  This metaphorical re-centering from machine […]

Help: Women’s Voices in a Wiki World

I’m writing an article about faith, women, and technology, particularly how mass collaboration and lowered transaction costs impact and are impacted by women in faith communities.  But I’ve hit a snag.  My favorite voices so far in the mass collaboration brave new world are: The Starfish and the Spider Here Comes Everybody Wikinomics: How Mass […]

WikiChurch: Childrens and Youth Ministry Update

A week ago I announced on this blog that I had a new pastoral appointment in the area of children’s and youth ministry.  I’m doing a WikiChurch approach to this new thing: getting feedback and ideas from anyone and everyone and collecting the responses in a google form.  I sent out about 120 facebook messages […]

WikiChurch: Childrens and Youth Ministry

Well if you know any Methodists this time of year, you probably hear a lot about clergy transitions.  It is a bittersweet time of saying goodbye and of anticipating new opportunities for both the outgoing pastor and the receiving parish that gets a fresh perspective every few years. I’ve been pastoring a New England United […]

Cool-kid Calvinism? [open thread]

This is Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll.  Go on, read the NYTimes story on him.  Looks like any other edgy contemporary pastor, right? But he curses at the same time he preaches Calvinism.  He talks about masturbation as easily as he quotes Ecclesiastes 9:10 (look it up for a ha-ha moment).  And his cool-kid version of “everything […]

Help beta-test HackingChristianity 2.0

Image via WikipediaGot a new style for this blog that I’m working on. If you can check it out and give me some feedback, I’d appreciate it. Post any thoughts or ideas over there so that when this launches, it looks all shiny and perty! And yes, this is why I haven’t been posting much. […]

Question of the Day: Political Endorsements

Based on John the Methodists’ insightful (or just amusing…insightfully amusing, if you will) Questions of the Day (here’s the last one), here’s one for Hacking Christianity readers: Should Clergy be able to endorse Politicians from the Pulpit? Context: Apparently about 36 clergy from 20 states, spurred on by the conservative Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), will […]