Social Media Milestone


1000 Followers on Twitter1,000 followers on Twitter really means nothing in the real world but it’s nothing to shake a stick at either if you are trying to show to people that you are working hard at this church and social media thing. Some info: No followback programs or lists or fake follower ala Newt […]

The Best Compliment is Shameless Plagiarism


A few weeks back I was with some United Methodist colleagues and their friends. I was sitting outside enjoying the evening breeze when a man and woman stopped by and the woman pointed to me and said “yeah, that’s him.” Uh oh. Were these people from the IRD? Were the bishops mad? Had Mark Driscoll […]

Second Badge of Honor


*scream heard in the night*As you may recall, my first badge of honor was when the IRD started following me on twitter, which was after Mark Driscoll and Rick Warren did the same. I was amused at the IRD’s clear interest in my star-wars blog posts. Then, today, I receive my second badge of honor. Oh yeah, […]

Coffeehouse Bible Smackdown


Why eavesdropping is a bad idea…I have a new weekly ritual. My spouse is a yoga instructor and she has a new evening class. It happens to be an evening when I don’t normally have programming or even *gasp* youth sports to attend. So I go to a coffeeshop around the corner and read/study/write for […]

Badge of Honor


Oh man, you know you’ve made it in the Methosphere when The IRD lets you know that in addition to their CIA spy satellites they have their twitter eyes on you. I mean, I got scared when Mark Driscoll started following me and perplexed when Rick Warren did the same. But the IRD? Amused. I hope […]

Promo for the False Princess

My sister-in-law has just had her first novel published from Egmont USA and I’m happy to take a blog post to promote it. It’s a great book (though I’m biased) so if you are or have a young adult reader who likes fantasy novels, princesses, and kingdom intrigue…well, check it out. Book preview: Princess and […]

Apologies to the RSS readers

RSS Readers will have multiple entries from the pastMy blog has moved services (from Blogger to WordPress) and thus the last 10 posts probably migrated with them. I apologize for flooding your feeds, but luckily skipping them all is pretty easy. There’s probably some cat videos that are more deserving of your time. And welcome […]

LOST, Wreckage, and Original Sin

The number one question to me in the past 48 hours is “What did you think about LOST?”  I guess my passion for this show isn’t much of a secret, eh?  I’ve read so many commentaries and shared items (I’m shaking my fist at Dr. McGrath and Blake Huggins, shared feed reader fiends!) that where […]