Took Jesus 3 Days To Respawn


Caption reads: “Got Bad Lag? Me Too. Took me 3 days to respawn” Surely there is at least one other gamer out there who reads this blog and gets it. Gimme a shout-out so I know I’m not alone… I know, not theologically correct given resuscitation v. resurrection and how Jesus was/wasn’t resurrected back into […]

Zynga & the Episcopalians announces Churchyville

Social Networking InitiativeSocial networking initiative Zyngla and the Episcopal Church today announced the launch of Churchyville, a new social game allowing anyone, anywhere to create the diocese of their dreams from scratch. Available in beta in the coming weeks, Churchyville has features that allow players to build a cathedral, plant churches, and create governance resolutions with the […]

Darth Benny Hinn

Ah, someone out there loves me and combines both: Star Wars My contempt for televangelists Check it out. Starts slow but gets more awesome with lightsaber action: [video link] (h/t pastor friend on Facebook) EDIT: And if that doesn’t do it for you, here’s a remix to “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”

Need a Ministry Focus for your Church?


United States of ShameIn my morning read, I happened across this map which seems ridiculous but is backed up by census data and health data. If you need a ministry focus or something to aspire to deal with, then apparently here is where your state is worst at: Credits: Image from PleatedJeans (NSFW) via Bilerico. While some […]

Have a Postmodern Christmas!

One of my seminary professors Bryan Stone has a great parody of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” up. Here’s a sample: Twas a Postmodern Christmas, when all through the regime Not a concept was stirring, not even a meme. Essentialist dogmas were nurtured with care, And imperialist ambitions still hung in the air The children […]

So You Want to Go To Seminary?

All-Too-True videoCheck out this video making the rounds on facebook. It’s by a text-to-video program that is surprisingly good. It offers usual critiques of seminary in funny ways, offering truth but also exposing the heartfelt faith required to endure. Favorite line: “Seminarians are the people Trekkies call nerds.” Click here if the below video does […]