The Messianic Complex of Ending Bible Poverty


A few weeks back, Twitter followers know that I posted about an ad that I saw and really appreciated. Here it is: I’m really glad for this campaign called “End Bible Poverty.” Jesus himself judges us for who we bring Bibles to, remember? In Matthew 25, when the King is judging the sheep and the […]

Which Photos to which Social Networks?


Even though I lead social media workshops for United Methodist churches in my area (and I’m leading four-FOUR-in October), I’ve really only got a handle on the more text-based forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, blogging, text-messaging, etc. While such forms will never be obsolete, media-centric services like Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine are rapidly rising […]

Cards Against Humanity for Twisted Christians


One of the raunchiest card games out there is called Cards Against Humanity. It’s essentially an adult version of Apples to Apples. Each round someone draws a card with a sentence with a blank in it. In each player’s hand are nouns of varying degrees of lewdness. Each player plays a card and one picks the best […]

I find your faith disturbing…Good!


My birthday is coming up next month and I was looking for a laptop sticker for my Macbook to add to my list. I found an intriguing one that I really liked. Here it is: It’s a subtle play on the line uttered by Darth Vader in Star Wars: A New Hope where he force-chokes a […]