The Creed is Freeing? [worship.hack]


Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a church planter who does lots of missional church behind-the-scenes work: getting to know the community, the people, the needs, and the aspirations…and allowing those factors to dictate what the church looks like. And what she told me shocked me. She told me of […]

I could sing of your love on Sundays [video]

Praise and Wrongly-Directed Worship SongsIt’s no secret to readers of this blog and my clergy colleagues that I really don’t like contemporary praise and worship music. But I do appreciate self-deprecating humor and ones that point out the tendency of praise music to praise one’s self or become performance rather than praise. So here’s a video for […]

Receipt for Collection Plate? [worship.hack]


Developing connections between plate and ministriesI love church bulletins that put as much information in them so that I have something to read during service. One section that I find in many churches is the Year To Date report on the giving to the church. For instance, in October the section shows $250k given of […]

Why Every Church Needs Video Engagement

TED talk highlighting the coming ubiquity of web videoChris Anderson, the head honcho of the TED talks, discusses how web video accelerates innovation (h/t Seth Godin). While the whole video is interesting as he talks about how web videos inspire innovation and advancement, check out about 9:30 into the video (you can click the timeline […]

The Object of our Worship

The mega-church problem  of sustaining their brand  versus rightly-directed worship. (h/t nakedpastor) To find out more about opening Christian systems and other “hacks” visit Hacking Christianity or follow UMJeremy on Twitter

Children’s Sermons RE: Haiti

A colleague and I talked today about the earthquake in Haiti and pondered how to talk about such natural disasters with children.  Questions of theodicy “why did God let all those people die?” and coping “why are my Haitian friends crying?” might be on their minds. I don’t usually bore people with worship resources (this […]