Texas UMC: Is Proposal Accidentally Ageist?


So, yesterday was fun. Over 80 comments on “Over 45? Texas UMC doesn’t want you in Ordained Ministry.” And today, my good friend Josh Hale, who sits on their BOM’s executive committee, posted a clarification of the reasoning. It is a good read, check it out and it helps us give more context to the […]

Over Age 45? Texas UMC doesn’t want you in ordained ministry


Like Marty McFly being called “chicken” in Back to the Future, I also have a temper-tantrum point and it’s called ageism. Specifically when I’m treated like a kid or called “sport” or “tiger” or I am told “you will make a great pastor someday” and other comments that reflect on my youth (I’m under 35 years old). […]

If God is invited in, all is well?

Response to some really bad.hacks While any commentary on the horrors of Newtown, Connecticut, may be premature, there is no such prohibition on commentary of the commentary on Newtown. Specifically, commentary by two people representing Christianity who took to the airwaves to present to the world where God was in all the violence…but the God they […]

Baptism FAILS: Drive-Thru Infant Baptisms [3of3]


This is a three-part series on Baptism. I declined to perform a baptism. That sounds like an incredible statement from a Christian pastor. Baptism is the key word in the Great Commission, to baptize all the nations. Baptism is the entry point into the kingdom of God. Baptism, according to some understandings, wipes clean original […]

Baptism FAILS: Preferring Believer Baptisms [2of3]


The unbreakable doctrine?This is a three-part series on Baptism. Two this week, the third next week. Ah, you knew it was coming right? Infant Baptism. The quintessential Ordination question in the Bible Belt is always “will you uphold and practice infant baptism?” to weed out the Baptists and those without a Wesleyan understanding of baptism […]

Baptism FAILS: Doing Baptisms after Church [1of3]


This is a three-part series on Baptism. Two this week, the third next week. In the Book of Worship, Baptism has three primary interactions: Pledges of fidelity by the baptizee (or the parents/representatives of the one being baptized) The congregation responds that they will participate in offering a loving community for the one being baptized. […]

Mars Hill site to relocate to former #UMC parish


Luke 9:49-50 and Teleological ConcernMars Hill Church in Seattle (a steady supplier of this blog’s bad.hacks category) has a new home for one of its church sites. It’s a historical parish right in downtown Seattle. Oh, did I mention it’s a former United Methodist parish? In 2007, First UMC Seattle moved from its longtime home (pictured above) in the shadow […]

Gospel Shame? Driscoll’s ‘Mars Hill’ uses only one

2 Thessalonians 3:14-15 #CEBtour Matthew Paul Turner of Jesus Needs New PR has a rough story that just rips at my heart. A member of Mars Hill church was confronted about some of his actions by the MH leadership. And what follows is commonplace in rural fundamentalist Calvinistic churches…but I didn’t realize how intrinsic it […]

The Problem of Rigid Gender Roles [bad.hack]

Driscoll Disses Stay-at-home DadsAs women are poised to inherit the earth, it is probably not the best idea to diss stay-at-home dads. This is an older video of Mark Driscolls (2008) but I think it exemplifies the disconnect between an authentic gospel of grace and Neo-Calvinism’s absolute rigidity when it comes to ideal discipleship. Yes, […]

[Followup WWJB] Then you might be a…

Faithful readers will remember the discussion of the church in Florida that is hosting a Qur’an-burning day in a few weeks. We talked about their lack of hospitality or understanding of the issue (What Would Jesus Burn?). Well….it got better. Or worse. They accepted the help of a Christian Militia group called “Right Wing Extreme” to […]