The Creed is Freeing? [worship.hack]


Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a church planter who does lots of missional church behind-the-scenes work: getting to know the community, the people, the needs, and the aspirations…and allowing those factors to dictate what the church looks like. And what she told me shocked me. She told me of […]

Incarnational Ministry is not about you [mission.hack]


I really resonated with a blog post by Scot McKnight “Incarnation is not a Ministry Strategy” as he talks about how recent efforts to brand a ministry as “incarnational” water down the term. Read it here. McKnight is reflecting on a book by Andrew Root about the topic and he says this: In the “incarnational […]

Texas UMC: Is Proposal Accidentally Ageist?


So, yesterday was fun. Over 80 comments on “Over 45? Texas UMC doesn’t want you in Ordained Ministry.” And today, my good friend Josh Hale, who sits on their BOM’s executive committee, posted a clarification of the reasoning. It is a good read, check it out and it helps us give more context to the […]