Using Game Theory to Pray Better


The secret’s out in my local congregation: I’m a nerd. So much so that now my own church members (some of whom are unaware of this blog) are sending me geeky theological stuff. Excellent! A church member sent me a link to Althan – Prayer Timings and Tracking, which is an app for our Muslim friends […]

What Board Game Theory Can Teach the Church


Board Games are on the rise in recent years with the advent of European games that are intricate and involve different levels of skill than Monopoly, Guess Who, and other staples of American game cabinets. Also, Gamification (game theory applied to other areas of society) has become more of a thing in recent years due […]

Thanks for the Award, Community!


Two speeches about church and social mediaForgive me blogosphere, I have sinned. It’s been 3 weeks since my last post. Real life gets in the way of blogging, just as blogging gets in the way of real life. It’s a balancing act and honestly I needed time to refocus after all the Beth Moore attention […]

Confronting the Hydra


Striving for restoration amidst retributionThe dark arts are many, varied, ever-changing and eternal. Fighting them is like fighting a many-headed monster, which, each time a neck is severed, sprouts a head even fiercer and cleverer than before. You are fighting that which is unfixed, mutating, indestructible. Severus Snape, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Last […]

10 Commandments? Why Not The Beatitudes?


Grace and JudgmentThis question was posed to the congregation this past Sunday: Why do we, as Christians, support putting the Ten Commandments everywhere? Why do we fight tooth and nail to support their placement on public property? Why do we do that when Jesus has given us a set of promises that form a more […]

Need a Ministry Focus for your Church?


United States of ShameIn my morning read, I happened across this map which seems ridiculous but is backed up by census data and health data. If you need a ministry focus or something to aspire to deal with, then apparently here is where your state is worst at: Credits: Image from PleatedJeans (NSFW) via Bilerico. While some […]