How do we live united in diversity?

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How do we decide what situations need a variety of gifts and what situations require a unity of conviction? What is the minimum required for two people to serve a meal together at a soup kitchen? A sermon on Ephesians 4:1-16.

Taking a Sabbath from Technology [sermon]


The following sermon was preached on July 21st 2013 at my local church. Here’s the audio (scripture introduction/scripture/sermon starts at 34:30, just fast-forward until you hear the nasal voice) and the text of the sermon is below. Scripture: Luke 6:6-11 Sermon This past week I was on a technology sabbath–a time of avoiding as much […]

The Kobayashi Maru Church


I don’t believe in no-win churches or mission fields.“It’s the Kobayashi Maru. No one passes the test and no one goes back for thirds.” ~ Bones, Star Trek (2009) The following is the last sermon I gave to my local church before I was appointed to my new parish in July. I was an Associate […]

Matthew 22: The King is NOT God.


Upside-down reading of the ScriptureThe lectionary text for this week is Matthew 22:1-14 (CEB/NRSV), the Parable of the Wedding Banquet. The temptation is to do an allegorical reading, meaning that each character represents a real-life person. The king as God, the king’s son as Jesus, and the unworthy subjects who kill the king’s messengers as […]

Do just one thing.

On August 19th, 1991, Boris Yeltsin stood on top of a tank and defended demoracy against a socialist coup. He credited his inspiration to reading the stories of Lech Wałęsa. Lech Wałęsa helped play a key role in inspiring Poland towards democracy.  He credited his inspiration to reading the stories of Martin Luther King, Jr. MLK boycotted the […]

Baccalaureate Speech

I try to be sensitive to church-state issues, even when no one else has problems.  I fretted for a while about a proper commencement scripture for my town’s High School Baccalaureate (yes, it’s a Christian-based service in my part of the world).  For any others looking for Scriptures that are not expressly narrowly religious or […]

Liveblog: Homosexuality sermon at Church of the Resurrection

It’s not everyday that a mega-church talks about gay issues. Below the fold is my liveblog (well, offline-liveblog) that I wrote while watching Adam Hamilton preach on Homosexuality as part of his church’s When Christians Get It Wrong series.  The series deals with a why young adults do not identify with Christianity, and to self-reflect […]

Stop De-Baptizing Jesus

While clearly a joke at an atheist meeting, this video of a “de-baptism” moment actually made me chuckle…then stop and think. Did you watch the young girl?  When the “de-baptism” via a hairdryer was over she raised up her hands and said “I can see!” The people laughed at her clever correlation between baptism and […]

Best Sermon Comment…Ever.

[woman walks up to me in receiving line after Easter Sunday] Woman: Well, you preached a very funny sermon today. There were several parts that were quite humorous. Me: well, I’m glad people enjoyed it. What message did you take with you? Woman: Oh, I forgot my hearing aids. I knew it was funny because […]