Breath Prayer for Social Justice

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I’m not an introvert. I’m an extreme extrovert (top-of-the-charts ENFP on the Myers-Briggs) and thus I have a constant trouble with spiritual practices which are mostly geared towards contemplative extroverts. Silent prayers, quiet study, and TAG time (Time Along w/God) are helpful correctives to my tendencies but they don’t speak to my particular perspective. I struggle with […]

Liturgy is like Jazz


#reLENTless 01#reLENTless is a project by Melissa Cooper that has a group of us blogging every day during Lent (except Sundays on my part). Other bloggers are Carolyn Frantz and Deanna Ogle. This will be helpful for me as I have a backlog of drafts to burn through! Had lunch a few months back with […]

When we sail too close to the shore

Morning Inspiration“Disturb us, Lord, when We are too well pleased with ourselves, When our dreams have come true Because we have dreamed too little, When we arrived safely Because we sailed too close to the shore. Disturb us, Lord, when With the abundance of things we possess We have lost our thirst For the waters […]

What does “I’ll pray for you” mean?


Praying to love…not for resultsConfession time and you can join me if you’ve done this too. I admit it: I’ve forgotten to pray for people before. I’ll hear someone’s troubles on the street or at lunch or at the bank and I say “I’ll pray for you” and I’ve forgotten. It won’t be until I […]

Bullying: You are a beloved child of God.

Please read this. 4 bullying-related suicides in as many weeks? My heart aches. I don’t care if it is a media-created epidemic, there are still people dying because of bullying. And we only know of few of them. I work with teens and cannot help but cry when I think of losing one of them […]

Your Relationship with God is Misdirected

Quick hit (and trying out this “blogging from google reader” thing)…Professor Richard Beck writes the following great article on what practical ways that Christians might want to start working on if they truly want to embody the love of Christ. The Bait and Switch of Contemporary Christianity: “ A few years ago a female student […]

Never thought I would see the day…

That a church prayed over SUVs… No real comment; I’m not in their dire situation.Just very….very….unimaginable. (hat tip: Pam’s House Blend) To find out more about opening Christian systems and other “hacks” visit Hacking Christianity or follow UMJeremy on Twitter

Prayers for Tennessee Valley UUA in Knoxville

Image via Wikipedia One of the great things about the Internet is that prayers can go straight to the recipients almost as fast as they go to God. To that end, there’s a blog set up where you can where you can express your condolences to the Unitarian Universalist congregation that suffered the shooting on […]