Liturgy is like Jazz


#reLENTless 01#reLENTless is a project by Melissa Cooper that has a group of us blogging every day during Lent (except Sundays on my part). Other bloggers are Carolyn Frantz and Deanna Ogle. This will be helpful for me as I have a backlog of drafts to burn through! Had lunch a few months back with […]

God is no longer male…if you want.

There’s usually a debate over inclusive language in the worship service, liturgy, or hymnody. In an established congregation, moving them to use an inclusive version of a hymn or the Lord’s Prayer takes a lot of time and grace. In new or planted congregations, using inclusive language from the get-go usually makes for a smooth […]

The Lord’s Prayer, Aramaic Peshitta version

I’m doing a wedding for a couple in two months and they requested a different version of the Lord’s Prayer than I’ve seen before. The footnote states that it is “adapted from a literal translation of Matthew 6:9-13 from the Aramaic Peshitta text.” Check it out: ========== Our Creator who is everywhere, let Your name […]

Graduation Sunday Liturgy

This is my adaptation of the Book of Worship’s “Prayer for Graduates” BOW #536 into a responsive liturgy, weaving in the first/last verses of “This is a Day of New Beginnings” UMH #383. Hope it is helpful. Liturgy of Celebration for our Graduates Leader: God of truth and knowledge, by your wisdom we are taught […]