Hacking Christianity invited to Potthoff Lecture Series (January 24-25, Denver)

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The Harvey Potthoff Memorial Lecture Series is a lecture series given each year at Christ United Methodist Church in Denver, Colorado. Named in honor of their former pastor and Iliff professor, the series has had speakers such as Marjorie Suchocki (Process Theologian, Claremont VP), Jay Rundell (President, MTSO), and more recently Dr. Beldon Lane from St. Louis U. For […]

Using Game Theory to Pray Better


The secret’s out in my local congregation: I’m a nerd. So much so that now my own church members (some of whom are unaware of this blog) are sending me geeky theological stuff. Excellent! A church member sent me a link to Althan – Prayer Timings and Tracking, which is an app for our Muslim friends […]

Discipleship is about Jesus and Kevin Bacon


If you are a movie or film buff, you know the bar game The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Built on the idea of “six degrees of separation,” the trivia game involves connecting any actor/actress to Kevin Bacon, no matter how obscure. For instance: Jeff Cohen (who played Chunk on the 80’s classic The Goonies) […]

Discipleship is a Missional Vaccine #TM2UMC


I spent the last few days in Seattle at the Transforming Ministry Conference II held for the Western Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. It was a great mix of clergy (young, middle, and older), superintendents, Bishops, professors, and theologians. One of my takeaways came from Alan Hirsch, author of The Forgotten Ways and other […]

Follow Your Passion on Nights and Weekends


The Onion is a satirical website that posts some really offensive stuff, but they often post some spot-on critiques of the human condition. Case in point is the March 20th post “Find the Thing You Are Most Passionate About” (NSFW language) which talks ironically about following your passion, but outside of the demeaning work-week. I […]

The Hulk’s Secret is Discipleship’s Secret


Finally got around to seeing The Avengers this weekend, which helps with my Joss Whedon cred. Good flick. But there’s one aspect that I wanted to write about. And it’s about The Hulk. And discipleship. I promise! Bruce Banner is a scientist who was exposed to gamma radiation and now becomes “The Hulk” (pictured above from […]

MLK Jr on Church Growth


As the UMC prepares for a decade of navel-gazing and focusing on church growth to reverse the trends, on this MLK Jr day we are to reminded that such a focus on church growth is set in tension with the prophetic words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Here’s MLK Jr in his speech […]

Could Discipleship be an RPG?


Gamification of the Church is already hereThe worldwide population of the United Methodist Church is ~12 million people (at least in 2007). Last month, the population of the online role playing game (RPG) World of Warcraft reached 12 million people. This isn’t some recent phenomenon: the game is six years old. Truly, online role playing games […]

The Third Conversation

I had a follow-up thought on the Mario Bros Discipleship post on meeting people where they are in biblical difficulty. The evidence for the bible having adaptive multi-faceted learning is evidenced by when an entire church is lectionary-based in its curriculum or studies the same scripture on Sundays.  When the children, the youth, the adults, […]