A Tale of Two Churches under One Metric


Note: This is a rewritten version of this post from a year ago. We’ve long been suspicious of church metrics and of the increased reliance on quantitative measurement in the UMC here at HackingChristianity. As the supervisory distance increases due to fewer district superintendents and larger districts, the church leadership is by necessity choosing to […]

The #UMC in the False Proxy Trap

Numbers And Finance

No Church Left BehindMy friend Rob Rynders (clergyperson in Phoenix, AZ) pointed me towards the following short essay by author and blogger Seth Godin (author of Tribes which is popular in some church circles). I’m going to post the biggest part of it to spark discussion. Godin writes: Sometimes, we can’t measure what we need, so we invent […]

RE: A Growing Church is a Dying Church?


Why We need Tradition in the Wesleyan ChurchI realize that people become more conservative and institutional as they get older and more part of an institution. So it is hopefully not out of that place that this blogger, who led the conversation about the Call To Action and continuing critiques of church metrics, says the […]