Nitpicking Mark 5 in the Common English Study Bible #CEB


It’s not always nice to nitpick, but when it comes to the Bible, I feel a certain obligation. After all, my schooling was in the Bible, I use the Bible every day, so if not a resident theologian like myself, who will do the nitpicking? My nitpick addresses the release of the Common English Bible’s […]

Gospel Shame? Driscoll’s ‘Mars Hill’ uses only one

2 Thessalonians 3:14-15 #CEBtour Matthew Paul Turner of Jesus Needs New PR has a rough story that just rips at my heart. A member of Mars Hill church was confronted about some of his actions by the MH leadership. And what follows is commonplace in rural fundamentalist Calvinistic churches…but I didn’t realize how intrinsic it […]

When the Bible is Bogus or Tubular

Sentiment Analysis of Biblical StoriesHere’s a bible-geeking out story for you. has done a “sentiment analysis” of the Biblical record and posted an interesting graph about it (h/t O’Reilly). Here’s their methodology for you academic types: Sentiment analysis involves algorithmically determining if a piece of text is positive (“I like cheese”) or negative (“I hate […]