Hacking Christianity invited to Potthoff Lecture Series (January 24-25, Denver)

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The Harvey Potthoff Memorial Lecture Series is a lecture series given each year at Christ United Methodist Church in Denver, Colorado. Named in honor of their former pastor and Iliff professor, the series has had speakers such as Marjorie Suchocki (Process Theologian, Claremont VP), Jay Rundell (President, MTSO), and more recently Dr. Beldon Lane from St. Louis U. For […]

Hacking Christianity 4.0


Hello World Today marks one of the most significant site upgrades and updates to HackingChristianity.net since it began in March 2008. While most of the updates have been cosmetic (or replacing catastrophic loss – see version 3.0 below), this is the first one that is holistic: all pages, posts, categories, images, and the entire site […]

We’re Number 1…178!


For the first time, Hacking Christianity has broken into Church Relevance’s Top 200 Ministry Blogs. Huzzah! Church Relevance updates this list of “ministry blogs” periodically. Here’s the description of what a “ministry blog” is and isn’t: A ministry blog nurtures or challenges the way ministers think about the gospel, the Great commission, ministry methodology, and […]

Anjali Claire, six month update

Photo by katherynmoranphotography.com

Because I have a blog and a cute baby… === We had a photography session gifted to us by some friends with Katheryn Moran Photography, located in the Pacific Northwest. Katy is a terrific and child-adoring photographer. Website: http://www.katherynmoranphotography.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KatherynMoranPhotography

The great user error of 2012


The Mayans were right… So Hacking Christianity has been down for 10 days. Suspiciously just as I was meeting Bishops and District Superintendents who told me they read my blog, the blog RSS feed went down, and then in trying to rectify it from away from my home computer, I managed to delete the entire […]

Anjali Claire, born 10.07.2012

baby lightsaber

This is Anjali Claire, born Sunday October 7th. 7 pounds 12 ounces and 19.5 inches long. She is our first child and all of us are doing terrific. Her first name means “divine offering” in Sanskrit. I’m United Methodist clergy, and my spouse is a Baron Baptiste yoga instructor, so we felt that her name was […]

Now posting two hours in the past.


(Note: lots of “I’s” and self-reflective narcissism ahead. But it’s a blog so you knew that already…) It was difficult but I tried to keep from opining away about General Conference and its aftermath. I tweeted and Facebooked a lot but no blog posts. There was a TON to talk about and respond to but…I’m a slow […]